Annual Girl Scouts’ Crime Scene Investigation Forensic Event

Annual Girl Scouts’ Crime Scene Investigation Forensic Event

This event took place on: Saturday, November 15, 2014

Once again the Girl Scouts Organization has stepped up above and beyond to interest the females of our next generation in the art of forensic sciences. Bringing together an amazing panel of people educated in different aspects of forensics to give a small taste of being a Crime Scene Investigator.

Equipped with a crime scene where the girls were instructed to map out clues that were left behind by the suspect/suspects. The girls then moved from booth to booth whereby they were to test the theories and possibilities of what the evidence might elude to under specific testing and procedures.

The booths included the Following Crime Scene Investigation

Handwriting Examination of the crime scene note via Nanette Barto of Eye for the Obvious; Fingerprinting; Shoe Prints; Fracture Matching using duct tape; Stain Testing; PH Testing; Strip Testing; Smells; Threads/Fibers; Chemical/Powder Testing; and, the Sheriff’s Department introduced the girls to Bullet Identification, Gun Shot Mapping, Plaster Castings of shoes and tire prints, Evidence Markers, and more.

Slide Show of the folder – Forensic Exercises and Booths:

Forensic Document Examination booth, attended by Nanette Barto and her assistant Ellie Kleppe, spent the day introducing the Girl Scouts in attendance to the different aspects of document examination. The girls received a hands-on experience with: microscopes; light tables; measuring devices; the different types of forgeries; authentication of aged documents; micro-printing on checks and the new $100 dollar bill; equipment used in presenting a case; and, an overall look at the everyday document examiner’s job.

Slide Show of the folder – Girl Scouts Handwriting Exercises:

The members of the organization of this event successfully covered many areas of forensic science, and it wouldn’t have been complete without the informative question and answer panel comprised of females from different fields of forensic science. This not only complimented the day’s events, but it gave an opportunity for the girls to participate with their own thought provoking questions. Many thanks go out to: Lee Ann Salerno for introducing me to the Girl Scouts; Kiara Brady for inviting me to this wonderful event; and, to all the organizers and volunteers of such an amazing program. The end of day results were rewarded with a badge of completion, the CSI Badge as seen above. 

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