The examiner must have completed 2 years of hands-on training either with the Department of Justice/Governmental Agency or an apprenticeship under a current document examiner.
You want to make sure that your document examiner is working in the industry full time, completes continuing education, and has qualified on the stand in previous cases with no disqualifications on their record.
An examination of a single document compared to one person’s handwriting costs $495.00 for the examination and rendering of a verbal opinion. Additional documents are $150.00 per document for the same person’s handwriting.
For each person’s handwriting that is to be examined, there is a fee of $495.00.
A document is a single page that contains handwriting, signature, or a full-page examination for drafting characteristics.
For handwriting or signature examination, I will need known handwriting of the person who is purported to have signed the document. Validated documents accepted by the court are: Driver License or Identification Card; Passport; Social Security Card; Cancelled Checks; and, any other document executed in the normal course of business. At least one sample should be provided that predates the document in question in most cases.
An examination generally takes 2-3 days for most cases which is dependent on the case load at the time. I will confirm when the exam will begin once payment of fees has been confirmed.
The opinion letter can be submitted to the court, police department, or any other action where it may be necessary for me to testify to the facts contained therein.
There is currently no license requirement in the field of document examination. Certification is achieved through outside forensic societies as a matter of testing competency. I have certified as a questioned document examiner through the International Association of Document Examiners.
I have testified in more than 60 trials, depositions, arbitrations, and at every level of law which includes: federal; criminal; civil; family; probate; small claims; CalPers; and Workman’s Compensation.

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