Free Consultation -$0.00
First Step: Examination and Verbal Opinion -$495.00
Flat Rate Fee includes a single document in question and one suspect handwriting, and is delivered via USPS Priority Mail 2 Day Service. Payment is required at time of service.

Each additional suspect handwriting is $495.00.
Each additional Document is $100.00.
Overnight Service additional $26.00

Second Step: Written Opinion with Priority Mail Service -$195.00
All written opinions are mailed priority mail. Emailing of opinion in addition to mailing can be purchased for an additional fee of $50.00.

Retainer Fee for Approved Testimony to Reserve Court Date -$500.00
The retainer fee is for document cases that have been examined and a written opinion has been requested. This means the document examiner concurs with the assertions of the hiring party and is willing to testify to the evidence.

Deposition Fees -$350/Hr.
Hiring party is responsible for travel fees.

Deposition and Testimony Preparation -$250.00/case
Consultation Fees -$250.00/Hr.
Testimony Fees -$1800.00/Day
Display Fees -$100.00/Hr.
Travel Fees -$75.00/Hr. Drive Time -$.54/mile - Actual Tolls and Parking
Notarized Written Opinion -$30.00
City, County, State, Government Agency Discount -Call for Pricing

Student Loan Contest, Senior, and Hardship Discounts available upon Request and Approval on a Case by Case Basis.

*All services are paid in advance or due at the time of service unless otherwise agreed!
**Payment types accepted include: Cash, Check, Money Order, Certified Check, or PayPal Invoice for all visa/debit and major credit cards.


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