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If you are looking for the leading handwriting expert in Sacramento, CA, you have come to the right place at Eye for the Obvious! A handwriting expert is not someone you just find on the street; this expertise is difficult to cultivate and requires a lot of study and diligent work as well as courses and certifications. Our court qualified handwriting expert and forensic document examiner at Eye for the Obvious, serving the Sacramento, CA area, can make sure that your handwritten documents are accurately and reliably analyzed. Whether you are doing a historical study and want to have letters, contracts, or any other historical paper analyzed for authenticity and authorship, or whether you have a court case about some current events and need an expert opinion about whether a note, a letter, or a signature is genuine, the help of a handwriting expert from Eye for the Obvious in Sacramento is essential to have and can help you sort out truth from falsehood in these important cases.

Forensic Document Examination services in Sacramento

  • Verbal Opinion - One Document Examination of Handwriting with a Single Suspect $495
  • Additional Document Examination - Per Document $100
  • Additional Suspects $495/each
  • Doc Exam- Upgrade Doc Examination to Written Opinion $195
  • Doc Exam-Complete Written Doc Exam of One Questioned Doc $690
  • Consultation/Deposition Time - Per Hour (1 Hour Block) $200
  • Retainer Fee $500
  • Court Cost Per Day $1000
  • Displays $75/hr

Trust Eye for the Obvious in Sacramento for your #1 Handwriting Expert, Signature Authentication and Verification, or Document Examination needs

When compiling evidence about a crime, for instance, a single phone number scribbled onto a napkin at a fast food restaurant can be important evidence for or against the involvement of someone in the crime, and a handwriting expert can tell who wrote the note. All sorts of elements of handwriting are considered by a hand writing expert, including the slant of the letters or numbers and the way the letters are formed and shaped.

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