Forensic Document Examiner and Handwriting Expert for San Jose and surrounding areas

Why might you need the help or services of a handwriting expert in San Jose? There are many possible reasons. Identity theft and fraud are, unfortunately, very common crimes, and signatures are an important part of these sorts of cases. Trust the experts and Eye for the Obvious for your forensic document examination services as well.

Miscellaneous Document Examination Services:

  • Hourly Consultation Rate - 1 Hour Block $200
  • Examination and Verbal Opinion of Single Document and Single Suspect $495
  • Written Opinion following Examination $195
  • Hourly Court Display Preparation $75
  • Testimony Court Cost Daily $1000
  • TRAVEL - Cost of Ticket plus travel time $50/hr
  • TRAVEL - Driving ($50 hourly plus $.50 per mile)
  • Consultation Time $200/hr
  • Additional Documents $100/each one
  • Additional Suspects $495/each one

Eye for the Obvious is the handwriting expert of choice for San Jose and surrounding areas

Fortunately for you, there will always be tell-tale differences between your genuine signature and a forgery. Even if you feel that your signature changes from time to time, no two people hold their pen in exactly the same way, put the exact same space between their letters, or form their letters exactly the same way. If you have a case of signature authentication, verification, or fraud and forgery get the best handwriting expert servicing San Jose on your side: bring your case to Eye for the Obvious.

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