Forensic Document Examination Forgery Expert and Handwriting Analyst for San Francisco and Bay Area

If you are looking for a great handwriting expert to assist you in San Francisco and the Bay Area, look no further than Eye for the Obvious! I am court qualified in handwriting analysis and examination, and you can be sure that I will get to the truth of your handwriting concerns. Some of the specialties of a handwriting expert includes signature verification and authentication, forensic handwriting analysis in court cases under investigation, identity theft cases, contract cases, probate cases, and any other case where documents are pertinent. Trust in Eye for the Obvious for all your forensic document examination and handwriting expert services!

At Eye for the Obvious of San Francisco, we have the expertise to correctly identify your handwritten document, and the work ethic to leave no detail unanalyzed. After all, any good handwriting expert knows that this information can be used in a court of law, and often is used as vital evidence to help determine someone’s guilt or innocence. Therefore, if you are looking for a handwriting expert who services San Francisco, it is of the utmost importance that you make sure to pick a highly qualified and locally respected expert who will work hard for you and make sure that the handwriting analysis is correct.

Forensic Document Examination services for San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area

  • Verbal Opinion - One Document Examination of Handwriting $495
  • Additional Document Examination - Per Document $100
  • Doc Exam- Upgrade Doc Examination to Written Opinion (Already paid $495) $195
  • Doc Exam-Complete Written Doc Exam of One Questioned Doc $690
  • Deposition Time - Per Hour (1 Hour Block) $200
  • Retainer Fee $500
  • Court Cost Per Day $1000

We can give you the answers about your handwritten documents!

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