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There are many names for a Forensic Document Examiner. Handwriting expert, handwriting analyst, forgery expert, and handwriting specialist. There is sometimes confusion in the names. Such as, analysis... This is used to describe both forensic document examination and graphology. Graphology is where an expert examines for particular traits in the handwriting that can tell someone's personality. Interestingly enough, it has and probably is still used in the FBI, CIA, and many other agencies in profiling some of the largest criminals in history. This however is not considered a science that can be testified to in the court of law, but can read like a book who a person really is. This site will encompass purely the scientific analyzing of handwriting that can be used in legal actions such as a courtroom.  

Handwriting Analysis in Sacramento, San Francisco and San Jose, Northern California

Handwriting analysts do not have an easy job, but their services are extremely important and can make the difference between being fooled by a clever forger or knowing the real author of a document. Handwriting analysts are often called in to complete a handwriting analysis, and give testimony in court cases where it matters very much whether an individual person wrote a letter, signed a contract, or gave information in writing. The number of people who handwrite notes or letters in the modern world is declining significantly and rapidly in favor of emailing, texting, or using other digital forms of communication to give each other information, but this does not mean that handwriting analysts are in any danger of running out of work. If anything, this makes the job of handwriting analysis even harder and makes it even more important to make sure you find a handwriting analyst with the expertise to do the job for you well and effectively. Fortunately, Eye for the Obvious has exactly the solution you need.

Our handwriting analysts have the expertise to correctly interpret even the minutest handwriting details to provide you with accurate handwriting analysis, whether you need it for a legal case, for historical research, or for any other reason. Our certified and court qualified document examiner can lay your handwriting analysis questions to rest and ensure that your handwriting analysis needs are thoroughly met. This is an area in which it is not acceptable to get anything wrong, so make sure you choose the best handwriting analyst in the field: choose Eye for the Obvious

Handwriting experts are far and few in between. So much so that I am literally called to cover all areas of Northern California which includes, but is not limited to: Citrus Heights, Sacramento, Roseville, Vacaville, Dixon, Davis, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Lodi, Galt, Stockton, Modesto, Madera, Livermore, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Morgan Hill, Danville, Berkeley, San Francisco, Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, Santa Clara, Vallejo, Napa, Santa Rosa, Fresno, Visalia, Bakersfield, Yuba City, Marysville, Elk Grove, South Sacramento, Rocklin, Lincoln, Eureka, Chico, Redding, Yreka, Humboldt, Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Oakley, Rodeo, Pleasanton, San Rafael, Antioch, Angwin, St. Helena, Yountville, Vallejo, Benecia, South Lake Tahoe, Paradise, Nyack, Aubrun, Placerville, Pollock Pines, Shingle Springs, and all surrounding areas. States of service are California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and other United States per agreement.

The Power Point Presentation at the bottom of the page will walk you through several aspects a document examiner or handwriting analyst will consider during an exam. These PowerPoints are a handwriting analysis of two individuals, separately, and how their handwriting habits have been formed from the immature stages of handwriting to 40 years of age. You can easily see what makes people different from each other when it comes to handwriting while noting that many aspects of handwriting really never changes during a life time.

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