Specializing in all types of Forensic Document Specialist Services

With years of continuous training and experience in the Forensic Document Examination Profession, Forensic Document Examination Services by Eye For the Ovbious provides exceptional and diversified expertise over a wide array of questioned document problems.
Whether a case involves a single signature problem, or includes hundreds of questioned and known documents requiring numerous examinations; every client of Eye For the Ovbious specializing in Forensic Document Examination is afforded many unique skill sets and services.

Some of the main Forensic Document Examination services we specialize in

  • Verbal Opinion - One Document Examination of Handwriting
  • Additional Document Examination - Per Document
  • Doc Exam- Upgrade Doc Examination to Written Opinion
  • Doc Exam-Complete Written Doc Exam of One Questioned Doc
  • Deposition Time
  • Retainer Fee
  • Court Cost Per Day

Miscellaneous Document Examination Services:

  • Consultation Rate - 1 Hour Block
  • Overnight Mail Service for Doc Exam Service
  • Postage for Doc Exam Service
  • Court Display Preparation
  • Photography

We ‘re qualified, experienced, and thorough; and we look forward to providing you with exceptional service.

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