Dr. Omalu and Concussions in NFL

Hi Dr. Omalu,

I had the pleasure of listening to you testify in the Estate of Lonnie Ashlock. I have never been so entranced as I was that day in the courtroom. Goosebumps covered my body as I listened to you speak the truth. A truth I can’t believe took as long as it did to come to light. A truth that should have been common sense if we are teaching our first level Biological Psychology students that the CNS does not rejuvenate, mend, rebuild, or repair like a broken bone does.

Please forgive any errors or misspellings as I was literally watching the movie and typing this.

Concussion: Most moving scenes captioned:

Dr. Omalu, “When I was a boy growing up in Nigeria, heaven was here, and America was here. To me it was the place where god sent all of his favorite people, you could be anything, you could do anything. Americans were the manifestation of what god wanted us to be. I have never wanted anything as much as I wanted to be accepted as an American, but Mike Webster goes mad, and nobody asks why. They make fun of him, they insult him on TV, and now they want to pretend that his disease does not exist and they want to bury me, it’s offensive, I am offended.

I am the wrong person to have discovered this”.

Mrs. Omalu, “There is no coincidence in this world. Tell me, what is that statistical probability that you, not just a doctor, but Bennet Omalu came to America, ended up here, this rusty place, for you alone to be the person to see. When I arrived in New York, I was attacked”, Dr. Omalu, “what happened”, Mrs. Omalu, “something that is left better unsaid but that Omalu almost broke me, I wanted to give up and go back, but I knew god, I decided to trust his wisdom, and I stayed, and now I am looking at this man, and Omalu and only Omalu could be your name it means if you know you must come forth and speak”…..

Mrs. Omalu, “If you don’t speak for the dead, who will, you are of the Ebo[sic] tribe Bennet when you have truth then the thing you are told you cannot do is the thing you must do, embrace that and nothing created by man can bring you down”.

Dr. Omalu, “Hey little one this is your father, I am in deep shit, I have not done anything wrong, I am being punished, it might not be so nice when you get out here, you are still with god, please ask him to help me”.

FBI looks to discredit you… Character assassination. Websites and blogs created to disseminate your credibility.

Dr. Omalu, “I wish I never met Mike Webster”…-----Me, “I found myself wishing for the same thing!”

Dr. Omalu, “But that was before I knew him, he has given me a great gift, a dangerous gift, a gift of knowing, when a man is a soldier he knows what is at risk, he may be injured or even killed, but when a man is a football player, he knows he can break his arm or his leg he does not know he can lose his mind, his family, his money, his life. They have to know, Mike Webster, Justin Strosic[sic], Terry Long, Andre Waters, Dave Wilson[sic], by dying they speak for the living, and I speak for them, it is all I do, forgive them, forgive yourselves, be at peace.”

Sometimes I wish and pray that I didn’t know the truth and that I could pleasantly go back to the sublime so that I might find some peace and joy in this world we call a life while I am still alive rather than know the things I know about those in a preferred position.

I find myself in a similar position as you, but it is at the whim of others who wish to keep their secrets secrets, and nameless unknown victims still waiting for justice… My main objective is to derive an education in the field of handwriting as it involves the CNS, neurological function, disease, disorder, age, and any other factor that would otherwise contribute to the executions in authorship.

This education can influence the ability of forensic document examiners to complete identifications rather than opinions. I know that the science is there, and that the handwriting backs the science, but the seriousness of the science is downplayed by those in this industry whom have created an adversarial system in order to generate a cushioned income that is reliable. People with 30 year CV’s who are not willing to render an achievable solid opinion, and do not tell the truth when it comes to compromised handwriting as we seen in the Ashlock case.

One of those examiners was requested to defend Stacey Carson in the handwriting of Lonnie Ashlock. This man has bad mouthed me because I am not government trained or from a law enforcement background; however, I am destined to tell the truth, his biggest nemesis.

We received an unprecedented tentative decision mid-trial that puts a lot of weight in your and my testimony. Yours more so than mine, and the judge saw fit to remind me of that when he wouldn’t allow me to speak on the capacity of authorship which sounds rather oxymoronish when you consider that my job is to determine the authenticity of the handwriting, and that should include understanding disease and disorder when it pertains to handwriting.

Without the proper background and education, I will barely scratch the surface of the good ole boy justice system that relies on the word of seasoned veterans of their industry even if the truth is not what they are looking to achieve.


I look to your guidance, and I hope that you can be of assistance.

You are a pillar to Americans that look to see the future as a brighter place just as I do. I would love to attend any seminars, teachings, lectures, or classes that you may speak at, if possible.

I would also love to have any criticism, critique or other advice that you could give that might lead me in the right direction to obtaining my overall goal, background, education, and passion for the truth to be told.

Sincerely Yours,

Nanette M. Barto, FDE


Just a note to let everyone know that I am always seeking the education, training, and the truth...

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